Frome Food Feast

July 3, 2020 - July 12, 2020


Frome Food Feast
The Frome Food Feast is a two day part of the week long Frome Festival, and it's definitely worth a visit. Think street traders and artisan foods and more!
July 3, 2020
July 12, 2020

The Frome Festival is part of a week (or so) of activities in this Somerset town, but it includes on the 8th July the Frome Food Feast. Not just all about the food there are some comedians doing a comedy part, there are dancers and singers too. The festival is a real celebration of the arts, and most of it is free! There are some small charges for workshops and other activities but they are definitely worth the cost.

It might be a small quaint little town but there is going to be plenty of space for everyone to enjoy not just the food, but the dancing, singing, workshops, activities, and general artistry that goes into the festival. This is one of those festivals that are really inclusive; it feels like everyone in the whole town is there having a good time and making sure all the guests do too!

The food feast will feature a wide variety of styles including street food, and will cater to all tastes. The Frome Food Feast is free and there are small charges for the food available. There is a lot to see and it takes over the whole town so it’s definitely worth mooching around and seeing what you can discover.

You could even stay in this little town and spend a few days here with plenty to do and see for the whole week. There are more activities and displays to be confirmed so be sure to come back and check out what is new.


Note, please check the event website before attending. Dates can change and events can get cancelled, we can not be held responsible.

Location & Address for Frome Food Feast

Cheese & Grain Market Yard, Frome, Somerset BA11 1BE

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