8 Best Gin Glasses For The Perfect G&T

If you enjoy drinking gin and tonics at home you will need the perfect gin glass. Whether you’re looking for a big gin balloon glass or a gin and tonic drinkware highball glass, there are lots of choices. You may want a number of the best gin glasses to add to your collection for when you have guests round.

The Copa gin glass is one of the most popular gin glasses. The name comes from the word Copa De Balon and is also known as a gin balloon glass. The large round glass is frequently used for a gin and tonic as it holds plenty of ice and garnishes to enhance the flavor of your gin and tonic. The design of a Copa glass helps to trap the aromas of gin to make the drink taste better and the bowl or balloon shape helps hold lots of ice and garnish be it lime, cucumber or raspberries. As well as enhancing the flavour, the shape helps to keep the drink cool, perfect for when you’re drinking gin and tonics in the garden this summer.

This list shows you 8 of the best gin and tonic glasses to make the perfect gin and tonic at home. However you enjoy your gin and tonic, these glasses are perfect for everyone.

Dartington Crystal – Crystal Copa Gin Glass


This crystal Copa gin glass from Dartington Crystal is the perfect glass for a gin and tonic. Add plenty of ice and lime for a delicious G&T. Made from lead-free crystal, this gin glass can be used everyday and ideal for your delicious alcoholic beverages.

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LSA International Gin Balloon Glass


Gin balloon glasses are also designed to help enhance the flavour of the botanicals from the gin. Suitable for all occasions, these gin balloon glasses from LSA International are ideal for a G&T and to add to your glass collection.

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Dartington Crystal Gin Time Balloon Glass – ‘It’s gin o’clock’


Another glass from Dartington Crystal, this gin time balloon glass is also designed to help enhance the botanicals of the gin and make your gina and tonic extra tasty. With the writing ‘It’s Gin ‘O’ Clock’ on the glass, this is a perfect glass and will help raise a laugh to anyone drinking from it or when receiving the glass as a gift.

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Gin Glasses Set of 2 De Vrij Creations


This set of gin balloon glasses from De Vrij Creations contains 2 gin balloon glasses which are perfect glasses for a gin and tonic. This set also includes a mixer spoon and a jigger measurement cup for you to make the ultimate G&T at home.

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Thistle – Purple By Sue Large Gin & Tonic Goblet


Perfect for the ladies, this gin and tonic goblet has the same shaped design as Copa glasses and gin balloon glasses. It is perfect for those wanting to add a little extra colour and style to their G&T.

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Dartington Crystal Glitz Copa


This is another Copa gin glass from Dartington Crystal which helps add a bit of glitz and style to your normal G&T. Perfect for gin and tonics, the Copa glass design helps to enhance the aromas from the gin as well as hold plenty of ice and garnish.

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Dartington Crystal Bar Excellence Gin & Tonic Glass 


From Dartington Crystal, these gin and tonic glasses are great for a G&T. The stylish and tall glass is a perfect way to serve a cool and tasty gin and tonic. The perfect addition to your glass collection, these gin and tonic glasses are made from the finest lead crystal and can be used on all occasions.

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Royal Scot Crystal Hand Cut Crystal Glass Gin & Tonic


These gin glasses from Royal Scot Crystal made from hand cut crystal are barrel tumblers and make a sophisticated and stylish option for a gin and tonic. They are perfect glasses for anyone who is a fan of cut glass and wants to add more glasses to their collection.

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Take your pick out of these beautiful gin glasses for your chance to have the perfect G&T. Whether you want a simple balloon glass or goblet, or something more unique like a gin and tonic drinkware rocks glass or colourful Copa glass, there are plenty to choose from. Shop online or in shops on the high street including IKEA, Matalan and Fenwicks for a wide range of glasses for the best G&Tor even a gin cocktail.

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