Gin Festivals

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Gin Festivals

You may wonder if there are actually enough gins out there to make up a full event dedicated to this strong spirit. When in actual fact, there are over 100 available to try and sample at events such as the London Gin Festival.  As gin is considered a little more refined than beer or cider, these types of events are generally held in more formal locations or have an air of sophistication to them. Exhibition centres are often the venue of choice and when they are held outside, it is normally in large marquees or pristine town centres.

What Can You Expect?

As with any festivals you will come across in the UK, there will be various stalls showcasing various gins at gin festivals.  Most stallholders offer their wares on a try before you buy policy, which means you have the chance to sample something before parting with your hard earned cash for it.  No drinks festival would be complete without some kind of food to accompany all that hard alcohol, but in keeping with the more sophisticated air that a drink like gin commands, this may still be street food but mat be of a different standard to the sausages and burgers you may get at beer and cider festivals for instance.

There may be discussions and demonstrations on how to incorporate gin into your cooking, often led by industry experts or renowned chefs.  As gin is growing in popularity, although it was once favoured by a smaller percentage of people, events celebrating this tipple can be very busy nowadays.

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