Cider Festivals

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Cider Festivals

Ah cider, the sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, generally apple-flavoured alcoholic drink that is a much loved tipple throughout the UK.  Cider festivals are much like any food and drink festivals, with a distinct focus being on ciders in general.  While you may come across cider and beer festivals or drinks festivals that include ciders; cider festivals focus only only ciders and are generally smaller because it is more of a niche subject.  They are nevertheless still fun to attend, especially if you consider yourself to be a cider drinker.

What Can You Expect?

As with other food and drink festivals, cider festivals include stalls.  A large percentage of these stalls will be run by various cider brewers, with a good number of them being from the local area.  You have the chance to meet and greet with people who make some of your old favourites and those who can introduce you to new flavours.  As many operate on a try before you buy policy, it can be a good way to browse and experiment a little.

Although food is not the focus, festivals in the UK always have a food element to them and cider festivals are no different.  Whether it is the street food on sale to accompany all that drinking, or the demonstrations that show you how to cook using various types of ciders – there will also be a reminder of just how important food and drink are together.

As cider festivals are often rowdier than others, you may want to consider that before attending.  If you do not like loud music, a lot of shouting, singing and dancing and drunk people then you may want to look elsewhere.  If you do however, these are the types of events you should visit.

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