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UK Beer Festivals

When you think of beer festivals you probably think of events such as Oktoberfest, the German beer and sausages.  Beer festivals are a celebration of that lovely nectar that many people love to sink pints, cans and bottles of after a hard day or week's worth of work.  There are many different kinds of beer out there and beer festivals often show these off in all their glory.

What Can You Expect?

Do you fancy drinking nothing but beer for a couple of days?  Then a beer festival is probably going to be right up your street.  These events often have stalls and at least one big bar where you can buy, sample and drink as much beer as possible.  Although there is not often a theme, the beers available at particular beer festivals usually depend on the region. For example, an Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich will differ from one held in the UK because of the type of beer available. Often, in the same way as food events, the main focus will be on locally brewed drinks and you will have a chance to meet the brewers and even get tips and hints about how to do it yourself.

As it is not a good idea to drink all that beer on an empty stomach, beer festivals normally have food for sale and it will generally be street food and BBQ style grub that you can hold in one hand with your beer in the other.  Music and beer always go well together, so there is always a musical side to these kinds of events and this may even include live music from some talented locals.

If you are not interested in large crowds of people who are in varying degrees of drunkenness, you may want to look elsewhere for that summer event you want to attend. However, if you want learn about beer and try some old favourites and discover new flavours, give one a go. Find a festival near you below or on our map page.

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