Whisky Festivals

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Whisky Festivals

If you're a whisky drinker and like a good day out then you've come to the right place. We have put together a list of all the whisky festivals taking place in the UK and included everything you need to know about them from what's on offer, where they are taking place and if tickets are required or not.

So, what is on offer at whisky festivals you might be wondering. You can expect many distilleries to be taking part showing off their whiskies for you to try. There will more than likely be professional tasting sessions so you can get you know your whiskies and become familiar with the different flavours and blends available both for beginners and expert drinkers. With all the spirit-drinking you'll be needing some food, no doubt you'll be able to purchase some top quality grub to accompany your whisky.

There are events taking place up and down the UK so don't think they are only restricted to Scotland, although there are a lot up north as can be expected! There are festivals taking place in London, Birmingham and York to just name a few.

You can see all the whisky events by clicking through the numbered pages above or by going to the map page and selecting the appropriate category.

Happy drinking!

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